Life Is About Selling

Selling Isn’t Just About Pitching

Selling Way Of Life

Most people think that “selling” is a form of pitching someone to purchase a product or a service. But the exact opposite is actually the case. Pitching is a form of selling.

As I mentioned in my last post, we sell everyday we just aren’t conscious of it. We sell with our actions, the way we hold ourselves, the clothes that we wear, the people that we are associated or hang out with, the way that we talk, the way that we speak, the way that we walk, the way that we smell, our personality, our attitude,…so on and so forth.

We sell ourselves everyday even by doing regular ol’ things. Yes, it may seem judgmental that we “buy” into people by the things mentioned above, but that is the reality of this world right now. Realistically, we judge one another every second.

It has been scientifically proven over and over again that we judge people by the above attributes and more when deciding whether we like a person or not, if we will do business with them, attempt to go on a date with them, etc.

Selling is such a huge aspect in our lives that we see it as. So why not learn more about it and get better at it. Come back here to get inspired and to learn more about life selling and selling to get to your ideal way of life as I did!

Tell Yourself, "Sell Yourself"

Life Is About Selling

Selling Way Of Life

Selling doesn’t just occur when a house cleaning service business is going door-to-door selling people on their services. No. There is a more fundamental purpose in the art of selling.

Life is selling. Selling is life. You sell every single day and your probably don’t even know you are.

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Life Selling!

Selling Way Of Life

First Post!

My name is Rich and this new blog of mine will be a hub for my experience, self education, and knowledge that I have picked up on selling.

When I began my entrepreneurial journey at about the age of 22, the last thing I wanted to do was get into sales. I hated salespeople. I’ve built a negative association with them and sales. So naturally I wanted to stay away from it. And having an introverted personality didn’t help either.

I had no idea being an entrepreneur required selling. In fact, when I figured that out, I just told myself that I’ll just hire salespeople, all to avoid selling. But I still had to get the potential salespeople to work for me. So I had to “sell” my business ideas and offerings to get the salespeople to work for me. Basically, I could’t run from sales.

As I’ve learned over the years, everything that we do in life requires selling. Eventually I accepted this fact and delved in to continuously bettering my selling skills.

This blog will be about what I have learned throughout the years, and continuing to learn, on selling. So come back here often to learn with me tips, strategies, and the relevance of sales to life.

Life Selling