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Query by : Outboard trim on nitro fishing boat not working?!?
Ok so i have a nitro bass boat with a 1999 mercury 150hp xr6 outboard on it. I went to test every little thing out the other day and I seen that the trim button on the motor itself operates to trim the motor up or down. Nevertheless the trim button on my throttle lever, nor the trim buttons close to my bow mount trolling motor operate. I checked the fuse panel underneath the console, and didnt discover any broken fuses. I also unplugged the two relays on the backside of the outboard to check out for corrosion, and could not come across any. Im running out of options, can anybody please aid with what you assume my difficulty may be, or aid me with a way to trace down what my problem is?

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Solution by LIMA
The truth that each sets of controls are not operating indicates to me a issue with engine wiring harness, not the remote management harness. There really should be an inline fuse holder in the trim program wiring, either on the purple/white wire, or the blue wire. Examine these very first, and make sure the contacts in the fuse holder are clean. If the issue persists, you will have test for continuity every single wire in the technique from terminal to terminal. This will be time consuming, but ought to isolate the problem.

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  1. Cliff says:

    i’d say wiring at the outboard too.
    alongside the main wiring harness there are probably a set of blue and green wires that connect with the boat. if they have come disconnected you would be able to trim at the motor but nowhere else.

    if you have a 12 volt test light, you can use it on those wires and at the switches to check for power. there is most likely a red wire which should be hot at all times, and then the blue and green that would only be one when the switch is used in that direction (green like grass, blue like sky, green down, blue up).

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